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easy ways to clean dusty mosquito window and door nets

There are many persons that when they want to clean the windows or doors, have to face up to the difficult task to clean a mosquito window and door nets too.

It’s true that there are many types of dusty mosquito window and door nets, but you can clean it easily using this stuff:-A sponge.-A toothbrush.-A bucket.-Soap.-A Towel.

How to clean it easily, if it is a portable mosquito window or door nets.-Drenched the mosquito windows. It’s better with a hose, but if you haven’t or can’t use one; you could use the wet sponge.-Fill up the bucket and putt in a little soap.-Submerge the brush in the water with soap.-Use the toothbrush and scrub onto the mosquito window. Be careful, and don’t this abruptly, or you could break it. Use other little toothbrush to clean the edges.-Rinse all the mosquito windows until the soap have been disappearing completely.-Finally, clean it with the towel. It’s important to use a towel that didn´t make with cotton, because it could let the waste of cotton into the cells.

With all of this, you could clean easily all of the mosquito windows and door nets that you want. It’s simple and easy, and it doesn´t to much time to clean all of it. So, don’t worry and use this technique.

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