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How Does Extreme Carpet Cleaning Help to Remove Soaked In Puppy Stains

Removing puppy stains from carpets is a challenging task as puppies pee and stain them repeatedly. Unless they are house trained, they make the carpets dirty and their stains soak through these carpets, leading to their damage.One of the immediate solutions might be to mix peroxide and baking soda and pouring them on to the stained spots. But some carpets are sensitive to peroxide, and might get damaged on their usage.

Any cleaning solutions like shampoos or detergents can be opted out, as long as they do not contain ammonia, as they attract puppies. One of the best methods for performing an extreme carpet cleaning is switching on to enzyme cleaners. They have proved to be highly effective.

There are a series of steps one has to follow in order to experience greater results. Initially scrub the carpet by making use of water several times, till you extract as much dirt as possible from them. Following that, make use of enzyme cleaners in the carpet cleaning machine which would go deep inside toughly stained areas and clean them properly.

Enzymes work as long as the carpet is wet, so ensure that it soaks on to the pads of the carpet. Once done, you can dry off the carpet which is now completely stain free. Also, any undesirable odors get removed on using these enzyme cleaners. Remove the soaked in puppy stains on your carpet with these efficient methods and gift yourselves a hygienic life.

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